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Book - The Slave Families of TJ DVD - Thomas Jefferson's Slaves DVD image - We teach them to think

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Book - "The Slave Families
of Thomas Jefferson"

(2 volume set)

DVD - "Thomas
Jefferson's Slaves"

(approx. 114 minutes)

DVD - "We teach
them to think!

(approx. 105 minutes)

Note: Oversized book volumes - weight of about 18 lbs for the set of books

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A website and products dedicated to promoting a better understanding of the African American experience. They focus on the legacy of slavery in America's past. Research on this subject leads to many challenge and the quest for clues requires persistence. The reason is obvious . . . the institution of slavery disrupted families leaving most lineages with vague and scattered documentation. Finding these pieces and putting them back together is not easy, but we must not stop in the effort!!!