The Slave Families of Thomas Jefferson:

A Pictorial Study Book with an interpretation of his "Farm Book" in Genealogy Charts


Table of Contents:

Volume I

“The Slave Bell”
Original watercolor by Joel Dobson, Sr. of Greensboro, NC

A pebble was dropped in the river of time i

In Memory of the slave families of Thomas Jefferson ii

Dedication iii

Contents v

Acknowledgments xvii

Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book Page Guide xxii

Notes xxiii

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson xxiv

Chapter 1 - Introduction 1–44

Briefly About 4

Notes of Interest 25

On Sundays 26


Occupation Lists:

Carpenters 28
Blacksmiths 29
Stonecutters 29
Stonemason 29
Factory 30
Spinner 30
Weavers 31
Hemp workers 31
Quiller 31
Carders 31
Cooks 32
Brewer 32
Overseer 33
Foremen of workers 33
Tinsmith 33
Musician 33
Nailery workers 34
Watermen/Rivermen 35
Shoemaker 35
Wagoners/Carters 36
Gardeners 37
Hostlers/Stablemen 37
Postilion riders 37
Coachman 37
Maids 38
Domestic servants 38
House Servants 38
Manservants 38
Valets 38
Butlers 38
Nursemaids 39
Seamstresses 39
Laundresses 39
Dairymaid 39
Painter/Glazier 39
Plasterer 39
Coopers (barrel makers/hogheadmakers) 40
Miller 41
Charcoalburners 41
Sawyers 41

Tradesmen with unidentified skills 41


Chapter 2 - Plantations, Waterways, and Land 45–160


Sunset on MONTALTO 84







Map of French’s Tavern (Indian Camp Plantation) 126

Property of John Wayles 132

Maps showing Powhatan, Cumberland, and Amelia Counties 133

Was Stony Point Mills once owned by John Wayles and Henry Skipwith? 138

Hors du Monde 140

Stony Point 142

Forkland 144

Thomas Jefferson’s Land: 1794 Land Roll from the Farm Book 150


Chapter 3 - Chronology 161–172

“The Divide” 172
Original watercolor by Joel Dobson, Sr. of Greensboro, NC

Chapter 4 - Genealogy Charts
for the Slave Families of Thomas Jefferson 173–230

Plantations of Thomas Jefferson - map 178


Chapter 5 - Dispersal Genealogy Charts
for the Slave Families of Thomas Jefferson 231–282

List of Genealogy Charts 283
Index for the Genealogy Charts 285–302


Chapter 6 - Overseers, Stewards and
Hired Workers 303–306

Chapter 7 - Farm Book and Other Documents 307–326

Chapter 8 - Dispersal of Slaves 327–406

Dispersal Mystery —Where did they go? 388

Notes on the Dispersal: 402

Chapter 9 - Census Records 407–458

Chapter 10 - Jefferson & Randolph Family Trees 459–470

Descendants of William Randolph (of Turkey Island) and Mary Isham 460

Descendants of Isham Randolph (of Dungeness) and Jane Rogers 462

Descendants Thomas Randolph (of Tuckahoe) and Judith Fleming 462

Portrait of Martha Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836) 462

Descendants of Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph 463

Descendants of Thomas Jefferson I and Mary Branch 463

Descendants of William Randolph II (of Chatsworth) and Elizabeth Beverley 464

Descendants of Richard Bland, Sr. and Elizabeth Randolph 464

Descendants of William Skipwith (of Prestwould) and Elizabeth Smith 464

Descendants of Richard Randolph I (of Curles) and Jane Bolling 465

Descendants of Benjamin Harrison III and Elizabeth Burwell 465

Descendants of John Tarleton 466

Portrait of Ann Cary Randolph Bankhead 466

Descendants of Richard Eppes and Martha Bolling 467

Descendants of Francis Eppes III 467

Descendants of John Wayles 468

Descendants of Matoaka “Rebecca” Pocahontas Powhaten and John Rolfe 468

Descendants of Robert “King” Carter 469


Volume II

Chapter 11 - Plats, Maps, and Land Documents 471–558

Map showing the Guinea Coast of Africa 472

Map: “Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina in America . . .” 474

Plantations of Thomas Jefferson 476

Map showing the Virginia Plantations and Land associated with Thomas Jefferson 477

“Map showing Indian Camp, Swann’s Creek, & St. James Plantations” 480

“Map showing the Swann’s Creek Plantation of Francis Eppes . . .” 481

“Map showing the property of John Wayles and Francis Eppes in Cumberland
& Powhatan Counties” 482

Map showing patents in Lynchburg City, Bedford County, & Campbell County 484

Overlay of Jefferson’s 1790 Plat Drawing of Poplar Forest 485

“n.d. T.J. Map and Survey of Shadwell, Pantops, Lego, and Edgehill. AD, 2p. FRG.” 487

“n.d. Davies. AD, 1 p.” 488

“1751 Mar. 30 and n.d. Poplar Forest Surveys and Plats.” 489

“1751 Mar. 30 and n.d. Poplar Forest Surveys and Plats.” 490

Surveyed on March 20, 1770 for John Wayles and now patented by Thomas Jefferson
- 800 acres next to Poplar Forest - Dec. 23, 1795. 491

Anderson Bryan Survey Map of Lands of E[dward] Carter. 1774 October 3. 492

George Carrington Map of the County of Cumberland. 493

Thomas Jefferson Map of James River and Fluvanna River from Richmond
to Monticello (A Travel Map in the handwriting of Thomas Jefferson) 494

“ca. 1790. T.J. List of Land Holdings. AD, 2 p.” 496

Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, to John Harvie. 1790 January 11. L. and map. 498

Thomas Jefferson Map of Charlottesville and Milton. n.d. AD. 1 pp. 16” x 10”. 499

“Survey and Plat of Bradley-Benjamin Johnson Tract” 500

“1790 Feb. 21. T.J. to Martha Jefferson. Deed and Plat of
Poplar Forest Land. ADS, 2 p.” 500

“1795 Dec. 23. Richard Stith. Survey of Campbell County Lands. D, 2 p.
19th C TR. End.: T.J. - Miscal.: 1795 Dec. 5.” 501

“1795 Dec. 23. Richard Stith. Surveys and Plat of Poplar Forest Lands. 2 D,
each 1 p. Notations in hand of T.J.” 501

Thomas Jefferson Map of Canal and Saw Mill. n.d. AD. 1 pp. 7¾” x 9¾”. 502

Joseph Slaughter Map of Tomahawk Creek Lands. 1813 September. D. ” 503

“1815 Apr. 1. T.J. to Anne Cary Randolph Bankhead et al. ADS, 2 p. End.: T.J.” 505

“1812 May 14. T.J. to William P. Martin. ALS, 1 p. DFT? End.: T.J.” 506

“1826 Jan. A. Broadhead. Plat of Edgehill. AD, 1 p.” 507

Map of Amelia County, Virginia - circa 1820 - drawn by John Wood 508

Henrico County, Virginia - circa 1819 - drawn by John Wood 511

Tuckahoe Creek to Richmond 514

Map of Goochland County, Virginia - circa 1820 - drawn by John Wood. 516

Map of Prince Edward County, Virginia - circa 1820 - drawn by John Wood. 518

“1st Map of Surveys to ascertain the best route for a Canal of Communication Between
Apomattox and James rivers.: By way of Deep Cr. and also Hudsmouth’s Cr.” 520

“Map of a survey for a line of railroad from Farmville to Richmond” 522

Map: “Central Virginia: showing Lieut Gen’l U. S. Grant’s Campaign and
Marches of the Armies under his Command in 1864–5.” 524

Map: “A map of Virginia: constructed in conformity to law from the late surveys
authorized by legislature and other original and authentic documents”
- by Herman Boye, 1825 // corrected by order of the executive, 1859
- by Lewis von Buchholtz. 526

Map: “Central Virginia: Showing Lieut Gen’l U. S. Grant’s Campaign and Marches
of the Armies under his Command in 1864–5” 528

A Map of Albemarle County, Virginia drawn by Green Peyton in 1875 530

“View of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville & Monticello, taken
from Lewis Mountain” - E. Sachse & Co. - Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Va.:
Casimir Bohn - 1856. 532

Map: “Map of Albemarle County from Surveys and Reconnaissances, made under
the Direction of Albert H. Campbell Capt. P. Eng. & Chief Topographical
Dept. D.N.V.” - C.S. Dwight - 1864 534

Map: “Map of Virginia and Neighboring States showing the location of Battles
in the Civil War 1861–1865” Northrup, William P. - c1912 536

Map detail of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville 537

Map: “Military map of South-Eastern Virginia “ - A. Lindenkohl 1864 538

Map: “Partie Occidentale de la Virginie Pensylvanie Maryland et Caroline Sept
la Riviere d’Ohio, et toutes celles qui s’y jettent partie de la Riviere Mississipi tout
le Cours de la Riviere des Illinois le Lac Erie, Partie des Lacs Huron et Michigan &
Toutes les Contrees qui Bordent ces Lacs et Riviere. Par Hutchins Capitaine
Anglais A Paris” 540

Map: South central Virginia showing lines of transportation. 541

Map: “Campagne en Virginie du Major General M’is de LaFayette, ou se trouvent
les Camps et Marches, ainsy que ceux du Lieutenant General Lord Cornwallis en 1781”
Capitaine du Chesnoy, Michel 542

Illustration: “Ruins of Old Mill” - Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 543

Map of Virginia in 1770 with early county line:
“A New and Accurate Map of Virginia Wherein most of the Counties are laid down
from Actual Surveys With a Concise Account of the Number of Inhabitants, the Trade,
Soil, and Produce of that Province.”- drawn by John Henry 1770 London 544

“General map of the United States - Showing the area and extent of the Free & Slave
- Holding States, and the Territories of the Union.” Henry D. Rogers - London 1857 546

“Map of Virginia Showing the distribution of the Slave Population from the
Census of 1860” - Washington, June 13th, 1861 547

Map: “Reynolds’s Political Map of the United States, The Comparative Area of
the Free and Slave States, and The Territory open to Slavery or Freedom by the
Repeal of the Missouri Compromise. with a comparison of the Principal Statistics
of the Free and Slave States, from the Census of 1850.” 550

“Map showing Distribution of Slaves in Southern States” A. von Steinwehr
- 186?, Philadelphia 552

Map: “E. Sachse, & Co.’s bird’s eye view of the city of Baltimore, 1869”
E. Sachse & Co., Baltimore, 1870. 554

Map: “Birds’ eye view of New-Orleans” Bachmann, John - New York, 1851 555

Chapter 12 - Original Documents 559–692

Illustration: “At the Spinning Wheel” - Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 577

Illustration: “Picking Peaches” - Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 588

Map: “Specimen of an intended travelling map of roads of the State of So. Carolina,
from actual survey” Walker & Abernethie, 1787, Charleston, SC. 593

Illustration: “The Old Boston Post-Road” - Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 594

Illustration: “View of Richmond from the West” 662

Illustration: “Strawberry Picking” - Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 671

Illustration: “Slave Auction at Richmond, Virginia” 662

Bibliography 693–696

Encyclopedic Index 697–1064

About the Author 1074


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