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    "Thomas Jefferson's Slaves" v2
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    Duration: Approx. 114 minutes

Thomas Jefferson's Slaves (version 2)

Part 1: Life and Community of the Slaves ~ approx. 57 minutes

Part 2: Dispersal of the Slave Families ~ approx. 57 minutes

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Produced and Edited by B. Bernetiae Reed


Thomas Jefferson owned over 600 slaves in his lifetime. This documentary provides insight into Jefferson’s full enslaved community, along with the traumatic dispersal of families prior to and after his death. Sally Hemings and the large Hemings family were part of this group. But the story does not end with them. As this film unfolds, the roles that Jupiter, Burwell Colbert, Isaac Jefferson, Joseph Fossett, and others who lived in bondage on Jefferson’s plantations are revealed by a senior Monticello historian, archaeologists, and historical interpreters on tours of Mulberry Row at Monticello. Thomas Jefferson's slaves were carpenters, blacksmiths, cooks, farm laborers, weavers, coopers, and so much more. Their hands and skills built the beautiful homes at Monticello and Poplar Forest. In addition, their labor provided food, everyday comforts, and sources of income for the Jefferson family. Over the years, these slaves also formed their own families. Some surviving details are told of the struggles among this group to stay together and in some instances to escape their enslavement. (Version 2 has been modified to provide a closer look at several documents and elements to enhanced the viewer's experience.)

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Daguerreotype of Isaac Jefferson
MSS 2041, Tracy W. McGregor Library of American History
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library
Courtesy of the University of Virginia
(cover portrait of Isaac Jefferson was created from this file
with digital alteration and cropping)

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