Dispersal Chart for Betty Brown (a daughter of Betty Hemings)

General description of Dispersal Charts:

  1. The charts graphically show family connections with use of boxes and connecting lines.
  2. Color bars and color symbols are utilized to provide details that were available on the individual.
  3. Matriarchal figures and couples were given crowning color bars at the top of their name boxes. To simplify the charts, color bars were only assigned to these matriarchs or couples that had children who were married (therefore introducing another family onto the chart of that particular family).
  4. Yellow bars are used at the bottom of individual boxes for married couples.
  5. Short color bars are added to the yellow bar of couples to indicate family lineage (each generation building on the next).
  6. Color bars are inserted into an individual's box to show information documented about that specific person's dispersal.
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